Project ELITE Culminating Activity
Thursday, June 10th
3:30 pm - 6pm
CPS Professional Library

Complete the exit exit survey for Project ELITE. Allow 30 minutes to complete this survey. Please do it thoughtfully and thoroughly, as your responses are very important to the future development of the program.

Final Presentation
  • Five minutes in length (timed)
  • Overview the BEST one project of your four student projects using PowerPoint.
  • Include detailed information on the students who were involved, learning standards that were addressed, collaboration with the classroom teacher, activity descriptions, and how the projects were assessed. Talk about what worked in the lesson/unit and what you would do differently in the future. Show portions of two or three of the best student products during your presentation.
  • Upload your slideshow to Slideshare and put the link on your directory page in this wiki.
  • Download and complete this lesson plan document, then email it to me. Write it in such a way that other librarians can replicate your lesson. Include your email address if you welcome others to contact you for information about the lesson.
  • Make arrangements with me to record your short presentation separately in Safari Live, so that other librarians can see your work.

Project Completion
  • Your project is complete when you have completed all the tasks listed on our Google workbook spreadsheets. These workbooks will be locked from editing on Friday, June 4th. Please have all of your completed activities checked off at that time. I will, then, go through and verify completion of all items. If I cannot verify something, I will contact you via email to let you know. Verified items will be highlighted in green. You can still complete items after that time, but email me to let me know that you've finished another activity.
  • Those people who completed all activities prior to June 10th will receive a special Project ELITE certificate at our culminating event. If you have not completed everything, you will receive an empty folder and will receive your certificate later.
  • Persons needing an extension will have until October 31st to complete your project - unless you have discussed other arrangements with me.

Project Sharing
  • Plan to attend the Department of Libraries "Back to School" event on Friday, Sept 3rd. You will be recognized on stage for your accomplishments.
  • We will ask you to share your five-minute presentations again with attendees in two break-out sessions.
  • Continue to share your project information with your administration, colleagues, students, parents, community groups, and at conferences. We owe it to others in our profession to give back to our colleagues and to help each other to grow, as well as to receive recognition for the good work that we do.

Keeping the Momentum Going
  • Schedule regular times to monitor your PLN. It is the best way to keep your ELITE status by staying informed about emerging technologies. Use our ning to keep in touch with other Project ELITErs. Follow CPS Libraries in Facebook and Twitter.
  • Watch for information about how to continue in the Project ELITE program with additional training and networking opportunities.
  • Make the extra effort to learn about new technologies, to use them in your planning with teachers, and in your instruction with students.
  • Keep updating your library wiki and the other items you created in this project. Use them regularly in your work. Have a BIG toolbox of technologies at your disposal.
  • Integrate technologies because they are the best way to accomplish the learning task, to motivate students, to foster collaboration, and to assess students. Always make sure that the use of the technology is firmly embedded in the curriculum and involved rigorous, relevant learning.