Project ELITE Student Activity #2

: Work with at least one full class of students to create individual Glogster glogs as an alternate presentation technology to enable students to share ideas and learning. The content of the glogs should be curriculum-based and tied in with classroom instruction. Each student's glog should have five or more distinct components to share links, pictures, videos, voice, and text that demonstrate learning. This activity should not be regarded as an extra assignment for students, but just a new way to use technology to share learning.

1. Create an educational Glogster account. Set up your profile. (You can set your age at one year if you do not want to put your real age.)
2. Review educational tutorials at
3. Refer to the Glogster educational FAQ ( to answer any questions.
3. Look at the Educator Resource Library ( for project ideas and assessment rubrics.
4. At your dashboard, request the appropriate number of student accounts. You can edit these accounts to change the sex of the student or any other information. Match specific account logins and passwords to students in the class. (The login information will be emailed to you.)
5. Plan for this activity to take 3 - 5 class periods, if you work with entire classes at once. One idea is to generate a simple graphic organizer in which students compile links, image links, text, and other information they would like to share about their topic. In a separate class period, teach students how to do individual skills within Glogster to create their online posters. They will likely need several classes to complete their glogs. Plan a class or two for students to share their glogs with the rest of the class.
6. Guide students to not include any personal information or their names in their glogs. In this way, you should be able to make most or all of the glogs public for all to see. Publish the glogs.
7. Put the URLs of all your student's public glogs on your directory page in this wiki.
8. Add a post about the experience of working with students on their glogs in your online journal.