The Project ELITE program will hold two face-to-face meetings monthly from February through June, 2010, for a total of ten meetings. Attendance at these meetings is important to receive training on specific technologies and to participate in the community of learners. Meetings begin at 3:30 pm to allow time for informal networking with a solid start-time of 4pm for the informational/training session. The meetings will rotate on various days throughout the week. In addition, we meet twice monthly for online meetings in the evenings from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm on rotating evenings. Check the calendar link on this wiki for all upcoming meetings.

All participants have indicated their availability for these meetings as a requirement for entry in the program. Regular attendance is necessary to preserve the high standards set forth to become an ELITE Librarian. It is highly recommended that participants attend all face-to-face and online meetings. Participants who miss more than two face-to-face meetings and two online meetings will be unable to receive Project ELITE status from the Department of Libraries.

Tracking document:

Project ELITE participants will use a Google document workbook to track attendance at face-to-face meetings, attendance at online meetings, weekly asynchronous activities, journaling, participation in the professional learning network (PLN), interacting in the PLN, and other activities. Each participant needs a gmail account to access the workbook. Please add your gmail account information to this wiki directory.

It is each participant's responsibility to check the attendance information weekly for accuracy and notify Lisa Perez immediately of any inaccuracies. Also, each participant should update the document weekly to verify participation in the asynchrounous activity, completion of the week's journal entry, participation in the PLN, interacting in the PLN, and any other activities We will also track completion of the four classroom activities and the culminating sharing activity.

Tagging convention: projectelite, #projectelite

Licensing: It is recommended that Project ELITE librarians label all of their original work for this program under Creative Commons licensing.

Pictures: Take pictures of yourself working with students. It is a great way to document your work and encourage other teachers to collaborate. However, maintain a student photo release form as part of the student's signed Acceptable Use Policy for all pictures that are published on the Internet.. Do not identify a student by name on the Internet.