Project ELITE Student Activity #1

: Using VoiceThread, work with at least one classroom of students to create digital stories. Each student must create his or her unique VoiceThread. Each VoiceThread should have at least three slides. Post links to the VoiceThreads on your directory page as they are completed. Use the Digital Storytelling discussion at our ning to ask questions of the group, to post news of your VoiceThreads, and to give tips to other ELITErs.

Digital Storytelling Project ELITE PowerPoint

VoiceThread Directions
Have students create avatar photos related to their accounts.
Have students create accounts in VoiceThread or create a teacher master account with different identities. (See
Using the steps listed in the PowerPoint link above, have students create their individual VoiceThreads.

Center for Digital Storytelling
- Look at some of the digital stories at this site by clicking onto the "Stories" link
- Seven elements of digital storytelling
Digital Heroes Book
- Look at some of the Hero stories
Digital Storytelling - Wikipedia
The Fischbowl (High School VoiceThread examples)
CPS Professional Library Voicethread

Digital Storytelling Tools
-VoiceThread Education Wiki
50+ Story Tools

Free Audio

Creative Commons Images
Creative Commons symbols and explanations
Flickr Creative Commons
Creative Commons Clipart Database

DigiTales - Evaluation

More on VoiceThread:

· VoiceThread has an educator account called VT Educator. You can read about it at You have to click on the gray “apply” button to join. The VT Educator account is free and provides the teacher with up to 50 VoiceThreads (rather than the three that come with a basic account). You apply and then get a confirmation email with a link. The upside to the VT account is that you now have 50 VoiceThreads. The downsides are that each student can be assigned a different identity within this one account, but you have to watch the students carefully. They have the full access that the teacher would have since they are actually logged in with one of the teacher’s identities and can even delete others’ VoiceThreads. In addition, the students cannot work simultaneously under the same account. So, a class would have to work on it one student at a time if using a VT Educator account. VT Educator account is a way for teachers to experiment with VoiceThreads without hitting the 3 thread limitation, but that it is hoped the teacher will want to eventually purchase a class subscription.
· Here is a document that the VoiceThread support staff recommended as helpful: