Project ELITE - Empowering Librarians to Integrate Technology in Education
Project ELITE is organized by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Department of Libraries to provide professional knowledge and support for CPS librarians to effectively integrate technology in their teaching and educational activities. Participants will collaborate and share information about their work at this wiki and the Project ELITE ning. Cohort librarians will receive recognition, CPDUs, and a certificate of participation from the CPS Department of Libraries on completion of all requirements and activities related to Project ELITE. It is also anticipated that ELITE librarians will be able to renew their certificate of participation yearly by participating in refresher activities to stay current in the latest educational technologies.

Guiding Principles

1. All ELITE librarians contribute knowledge to our community of learners.
2. ELITE librarians are professionally committed to keeping informed about evolving educational technologies.
3. ELITE librarians are technology leaders in their schools.
4. ELITE librarians develop effective professional learning networks by leveraging various Web 2.0 technologies.
5. ELITE librarians share the goal of preparing information literate graduates who will experience success in higher education institutions and the work place.

General Participation Requirements

1. Apply for and be accepted into the Project ELITE program.
2. Attend and contribute to all or almost all face-to-face meetings (two per month from 4pm - 6pm on rotating afternoons). You may miss no more than two face-to-face meetings.
3. Attend and contribute to all or almost all online synchronous meetings that will occur in a variety of platforms (two per month from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm on rotating evenings). You may miss no more than two online meetings.
4. Participate in online reflective journaling at least once per week (15 - 30 min/week)
5. Participate in all or almost all asynchronous online activities, such as professional networking, discussions, photo sharing, social bookmarking, and other applications to build your personal learning network (approx 30 min/week).
6. Complete at least four technology-enriched units with students during the project and share your results online with the Project ELITE community.
7. Document and share information about your projects and attend the culminating activity at the end of the program.

Introductory Information

To record Project ELITE activities in CPS University

You can use this procedure to enter Project ELITE training in CPS University

  1. Go to (within the CPS network). Log in using your CPS ID.
  2. Click "CPS University" at the top right and then "CPS University" at the left.
  3. Select "Supplemental Learning" > Type - External Learning - No Approval
  4. Enter the title, description, status (submit for approval), start date, end date, location, price, and the provider (Lisa Perez - CPS Dept of Libraries).
  5. Select "Save". You will see a message indicating that you have successfully saved your activity. The activity will appear in your list of "All Learning".

Contact Lisa Perez at for more information about Project ELITE.